Broom and handbrush

Methods from the Past for Keeping Your Floor Clean

When it comes to keeping your floors clean at home, there is an array of products to choose from – but why not see how well you can manage without them? Sometimes the old cleaning methods are the best.

Coffee spill

Removing Stains from Floors

Despite the number of floor coverings that claim to be stain-resistant, eventually marks and stains are inevitable, whatever type of flooring you choose. Provided that the stain or mark is tackled quickly, most can be removed.

Floor mop and cloth

Flooring: Specialist Care and Maintenance

Many modern flooring options are designed with minimal maintenance in mind such as; vinyl, laminate, tile, linoleum and even some carpets. Other floor types require additional special care such as marble, hardwood and stone.

Damaged floor tiles

Flooring Repairs

Most suppliers and manufacturers will advise on repair as well but some repairs are actually simpler than you think and can be attempted by yourself without having to call in the professionals.

Garage floor

Garage Flooring

Garage flooring has to withstand everything from oils and grease to chemicals and petroleum products as well as heavy loads, strong equipment and foot traffic, garage flooring needs to be long-lasting, hard-wearing and multi-functional. So what should you choose?


How to Clean Wood Floors

When cleaning wood floors it’s important to use the correct methods to ensure that the timber floors retain their natural sheen and beauty for many years to come. Read on and find out how to care for your wood floors…

Painted floor

Choosing and Using Floor Paint

Painting a floor can be a fabulous way of transforming a space but it is essential to choose and use your product carefully.

woman sat on polished floor

Types of Floor Coatings and Their Uses

Most floors in the home or in a commercial building will require a coating. There are literally hundreds of floor coatings out there to choose from and it’s vital to ensure you use the right product.

Floor sander

A Guide to Floor Sanding

Floor sanding is messy but relatively straightforward and is a great way to restore the beauty of a real wood floor.

Boy mopping a floor

Wood Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining wood floors isn’t onerous but they need regular attention and it’s important to know whether it has been finished with oil, wax or polyurethane varnish so that you can treat it the right way.

Wood stain Colours

Changing the Colour of Your Wood Floor

Those thinking about changing the interior design of their home do not always consider the possibility of coming up with a new colour for their wooden floor but with so many products now available it is a possibility.

Carpet repair

How to Repair a Damaged Carpet

Sometimes carpets do have to be replaced when they are damaged but before you take such drastic and expensive action, examine the problem to see if you can repair it yourself.

Carpet cleaning

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

To have beautiful floors you must do more than just select the appropriate type and pay attention to installation. Once installed they will need regular care and maintenance.