Video: Sustainable Wood Floors

In this short video Sally Warburton, a director of leading wood floor business, Ted Todd & Sons comments on sourcing wood from sustainable sources and what the FSC and PEFC logos mean.

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Sally Warburton from Ted, Todd and Sons and I’m going to talk about Sustainable sourcing of timber flooring on behalf of

These days with our worries about the environment, it’s very important to source timber properly i.e. from sustainable sources. Always look out for two logos, the first one is FSC – Forest Stewardship Council, the second one is PEFC – The Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification. Both logos indicate that the timber has been sustainably sourced, once it’s been harvested, it is replaced.

No environment or eco system has been harmed and people are allowed to live the way that they always have done. Timbers are endangered and you can see the list on both The Friends of the Earth website and The United Nations website, and look out for the “red list” or “CITIES list” and they will contain timbers like Wenge, Sapelee, Murbau, Teak, especially Burmese Teak, Ebony – any of those African timbers and Brazilian Mahogany which are now no longer available.

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