Choose a Carpet for Your Stairs: Questionnaire

Are you considering investing in a new carpet for your stairs. Why not try this questionnaire? It might help you to make up your mind.

1. How old is your home?

A – Modern. It was built within the last five to 10 years and has a very contemporary design.

B – It is between 10 and 60 years old. It is a 20th Century home that was perhaps built some time from the 1950s onwards.

C – It is an older property. It has a period style and is perhaps Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian. It might even be much older, perhaps a cottage dating back a couple of hundred years.

2. How would you describe the interior design of the rest of your home?

A – Very sleek, stylish and modern. It has a bright, uncluttered look with a light, neutral colour scheme. Where darker shades have been used, it is largely in defined blocks. Furniture is minimal.

B – The house has a homely, welcoming feel to it. Some elements are more modern but others are older. Furniture and furnishings tend to be eclectic but work together to create a look that is inviting. Some of the colours used might be a little dark.

C – Most of the elements of the interior are traditional. Period features have been retained and colour schemes have been used that enhance the look. Where colours have been used, they might be heritage shades.

3. How light is your stairwell?

A – Very light and bright. There might be an open plan feel to the space into which the stairs descend or ascend. There might be a window or skylight near the stairs.

B – The stairs are neither very light nor very dark. There is no window giving right on to the stairwell but the spaces above and below tend to be quite bright.

C – Not so light. The stairs ascend from a darkish hall up on to a darkish landing. There are no windows anywhere near the stairwell.

4. Who lives in the house?

A – A single person or young couple in their 20s or 30s. There are no children and no older people living there.

B – There are young children, including babies or toddlers in the house. Older adults might live here too, or visit frequently.

C – This is a house with older children and adults living in it.

Stair carpet

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What kind of stair carpet should you choose for your stairs?

Mostly A – You need something sleek and modern. Your light, bright contemporary house calls for a neutral carpet that will enhance the look. A trendy, natural carpet, perhaps something in sisal or jute could work well. You won’t have to worry about toddlers treading food into it or older people possibly finding it has less grip underfoot.

Mostly B – You need something that will wear well and will also complement the easy style of your home. It also needs to be firm underfoot. Try something with a Short Pile Twist> that won’t flatten or wear down too quickly. You could afford to bring a little colour on to the stairs but resist the temptation to go too dark. Try a mushroomy shade or dusty blue or green.

Mostly C – If you are past the stage of having toddlers, why not go for an elegant runner and perhaps stair rods? These could even be in brass. If your stairwell has cream or antique white walls, and you light it well, you could perhaps go for a dark, short pile carpet in an elegant navy blue or claret. If light is a real issue or you have chosen heritage shades that are darker, then a more neutral coloured runner might be better.

Note – When purchasing a stair carpet remember to check with the supplier that it is suitable for use on stairs.

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