Office flooring

Colours for Commercial Flooring

There is a vast amount of choice these days, from carpet to vinyl, hardwood to laminate, marble to tile, with types and styles to suit every budget. It is also very important to put some effort into the interior decorating, particularly in the choice of colours. Read more

A combination of floor finishes in a shopping centre

Commercial Flooring: Functionality

Flooring for commercial purposes has to meet many needs – not only must it provide the correct image for the company or organisation and be cost-effective; it must also fulfil the functional needs and practical requirements of day-to-day use. Read more

Airport departure lounge

Recommended Types of Commercial Flooring

Flooring for the commercial sector has to satisfy many widely-differing needs, often simultaneously – depending on the industry involved. Usually a floor to needs to be attractive, easy to maintain, durable, resistant to strong chemicals and still be cost-efficient! Read more

Rubber floor tiles

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring has outstanding durability, as well as resilience and is also resistant to burns, scratches, dents and stains, as well as being completely waterproof – making it one of the best flooring options around. Read more

wooden floor in an office

Commercial Flooring: Office Premises

Research shows that an office environment can have a drastic impact on workers’ productivity and creativity, so whether considering flooring for a home office or professional premises, it is important to give the selection some thought and choose carefully. Read more

Concrete warehouse floor

Industrial Flooring in Warehouses

Flooring for warehouses has to cope with many different demands – from heavy traffic to impact absorption, extremes of temperature to easy cleaning and safety – depending on the type of industry it is serving. Read more

Wooden floor in a dining area

Commercial Flooring: Restaurants

Not only do restaurant floors have to be durable and easy to clean but they also must comply with strict health codes. They also have to look good and blend in with the interior decor and theme of the eating establishment. Read more

Hotel corridor carpet

Flooring in Hotels and Commercial Accommodation

For hotels the flooring is of utmost importance. Not only does it have to cope with constant wear and tear and heavy foot traffic but it must also be easy to clean and maintain, stain-resistant and above all, retain an attractive appearance. Read more

Barn floor

Industrial Flooring for Farms and Livestock

For farm buildings and similar, flooring is of utmost importance: a floor that is well-designed and adapted for its function offers practicality and protection from pests and vermin. It is also needs to be easy to clean and dry, as well as providing durability for long-term use. Read more

Garage floor

Garage Flooring

Garage flooring has to withstand everything from oils and grease to chemicals and petroleum products as well as heavy loads, strong equipment and foot traffic, garage flooring needs to be long-lasting, hard-wearing and multi-functional. So what should you choose? Read more

Non-slip rubber flooring

Which Non Slip Flooring to Use Where?

Before you floor your home, consider whether you want a product that is non-slip. If so, there are plenty of options. Some need to be installed at the beginning. Others can be added later as a treatment or finish. Read more