Large living space with a timber floor

Flooring for Living Room and Living Areas

There are many important factors to consider when choosing flooring for living areas from practical issues such as durability to personal issues such as comfort and style.

Bathroom with stone floor

Bathroom Floor Choices

With the wealth of options available nowadays, including modern synthetic materials with tailor-made properties, there are bathroom flooring types to suit every budget and personal taste. We take a look at the most popular.

Large bedroom with dark wood floor

Flooring: Bedroom Design

One of the chief ways to influence your bedroom design is through the choice of flooring, as this covers one of the largest surface areas in the room. From carpets to hard flooring we take a look at some of the options for bedroom flooring.

Baby crawling on a wooden floor

Flooring for a Baby’s Bedroom

You will probably want to do everything you can to welcome your precious new baby into the world. If that means redecorating a bedroom then you will need to consider flooring.


Great Rugs to Buy on Holiday

Holidays are for having fun and relaxing – but why not pick up a few items for your home while you are away – and what could be better than some interesting rugs for your floors?


How Much Should Your Spend on Flooring?

Is more expensive really better? Will a bigger investment pay off the long run? Or are you simply succumbing to powerful marketing and extravagant whims? We take a look at when you should and should not pay more for your floor!

Victorian style tiled floor

Flooring: Victorian Style

The Victorians loved cluttered, cosy and richly decorated homes – and style wise, their floors were as important as any other element of their choice of interior design.

Floor tiles

Flooring: Edwardian Style

An overview of Edwardian style and how to recreate the look of Edwardian flooring using wooden floors, rugs and loose carpet.

Gothic-style flooring

Period Style on a Budget

Recreating specific period styles with your flooring isn’t as hard as it may sound. We give you tips and advice on how to create the period of your choice.

Wooden kitchen floor

Kitchen Floors

The development and refinement of flooring materials has created a vast array of options. Your choice will depend on many things, from ease of maintenance and cleaning to the way the floor looks – plus, of course, budget and cost. We take a look at the pros and cons of some of the most popular types.

Underfloor heating pipes

Underfloor Heating: Water Based

Water based underfloor heating has many benefits that make it good to work with and easy to live with but it is more expensive to install and doesn’t adapt quickly to temperature changes.

Carrying a carpet

A DIY Floor Laying Checklist

Whether it is for budget reasons, the love of a challenge or a sense of self-achievement, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is a popular option these days. Not to mention a cost saver!

Electric floor heating control

Underfloor Heating: Electrical

Electric underfloor heating is gaining in popularity as it is more flexible and easier to install than the water based alternative.

Boy playing on floor

Underfloor Insulation

Underfloor insulation not only prevents heat from escaping, thus maintaining a comfortable internal environment, but it also acts as a barrier against moisture entering your home from the damp ground outside. We take a look at the different types and how they work.

Couple sat on the floor in their new home

Flooring for a Newly Built Home

Those lucky enough to buy a newly built home can find themselves with a clean slate when it comes to flooring. What are the best options and what should they consider before they make their choices?

Woman sat on a tiled floor

Types of Flooring for the Home

The choice of flooring for your home is largely dependent on the functional needs of the individual rooms and personal taste. We take a look at some of the most common flooring for homes.