Great Rugs to Buy on Holiday

Whatever time of year you are travelling and wherever you are travelling to, you may well be tempted to pick up a few items for your home while you are away.

You may be tempted to buy large items of furniture and to have them shipped home – or it may simply be a case of picking up a few ornaments.

But if you are looking for flooring, it could well also be worth having a good look at the rugs available at your holiday destination.

While larger ones may have to be sent home in a container, smaller ones can often be rolled up, wrapped and checked in with your luggage.

By looking for rugs while you are away you could find yourself with some flooring that is not only eye-catching and unique, but will also remind you of your time spent abroad.

Samples from Spain

If you are heading to Spain for a break then ensure you have a quick look at the rugs while you are there.

From Andalucia, for example, you could find some beautiful, Hand-made Cotton Rugs. These are simple yet stylish and their neutral tones will blend with any colour scheme.

In coastal locations you could also find shops selling hand-knotted rugs, these tend to be thicker and come in patterns or stripes.

Textiles from Turkey

Turkey is a great holiday destination in which to enjoy hunting for rugs. Here you will find some exquisite, intricately designed traditional rugs and kilims. Turkey has a long history of rug weaving – with places such as Hereke and Bergama becoming well-known for the craft. Today, brightly coloured, highly patterned rugs from Turkey can form fabulous centre-piece to a room.

Marvellous Moroccan Rugs

Morocco is a wonderful place to find rugs that are truly special and very different. Look out for all sorts of colourful, patterned varieties – and prepare yourself to bargain hard.

You will find examples that are both pile and flat-woven, usually made by members of Moroccan tribes. They come in all shapes and sizes. Look out for them in the bustling street markets of places like Casablanca and Marrakesh.

Intricate in India

If you are planning on taking a flight to India in the future, why not save some of your luggage allowance for some flooring? Here you will be in carpet heaven – with a glorious array of rugs likely to be available wherever you travel.

As well as traditional twists from Agra and beautiful, hand-made pieces from places like the Punjab and Kashmir, you will also find some very contemporary rugs in modern colours and styles for reasonable prices.

Artefacts from Africa

Rather like holiday destinations in Asia, anywhere you are likely to head to in Africa could well be somewhere offering opportunities to buy exciting rugs.

African patterns, such as animal prints and other bold designs, can look fabulous in your rooms at home.

Once again, look out for everything from simple, soft woven rugs through to more exotic, safari-style designs. T

ry to buy examples that have been made locally and under ethical conditions to ensure you are putting money back into the local economy.

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