Prepare Your Home Before Having Floors Laid: Interview

Flooring expert Greg Jones believes it is vital to prepare a home properly before having a floor laid.

His company GJ Flooring has spent the last 20 years involved in the supply and installation of all aspects of floor coverings for many different customers, domestic properties and business sectors.

Q: Which areas of flooring do you specialise in?

A: We cover all aspects of flooring with the exception of ceramics.

Q: What sorts of homes do you lay your floors in?

A: We deal with all sorts of homes and establishments – we have something for everyone!

Q: What information do you need to know from homeowners before arriving to lay a floor?

A: Following our initial contact with the client, we aim to assess the working environment so we have a good understanding of it prior to any works commencing.

This mean we have to consider alarm systems, whether there are any hidden pipes or cables, and we have to know from the homeowner that we will have a clear area in which to work.

Q: Does old flooring need to be taken up before you arrive?

A: That depends. Old flooring does not need to be removed prior to us attending – we can take it up. Whichever option is chosen be the customer can be reflected in the costing.

Q: Can you dispose of the old flooring or does the householder need to do that?

A: We as a company usually clear all old material from the work place but, again, if the clients like to do this themselves, it would be reflected in the pricing.

Q: How clear of furniture does a room need to be, and how clean?

A: Furniture would need to be removed from the work area before we can begin. This can be done by the client or by ourselves upon request. T

he room/area does not need to be immaculate before we arrive but we do greatly appreciate a comfortable environment in which to work.

Accesses and exits do need to be clear under health and safety guidelines – again our team of fitters would co-operate in helping with this if required.

Q: Do you need access to electricity, water or drainage while you are there?

A: Normal utilities such as a water and electricity supply are needed for the use of tools, and for hygiene reasons.

Q: How close to the house do you need to be able to park?

A: We do appreciate that you cannot always park at the doorway but the closer we can be to the access area, the easier it does make our job.

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