Video: Types of Wood Used for Flooring

In this short video Sally Warburton, a director of leading wood floor business, Ted Todd & sons shows us some of the woods that are used for flooring.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Sally Warburton I work for Tedd Todd & Sons and I’m going to talk about different types and species of timber flooring on behalf of

I’m going to talk to you about some beautiful timbers. First of all then I’m going to talk to you about some FSC accredited timbers that happen to be engineered and then I’m going to talk to you about some more reasonably priced timbers.

The first one I’m going to show you is ripple maple, this comes from Canada and it is the most beautiful timber – the way it has been cut at the saw mill means that you have these beautiful, beautiful rays, in oak these would be called medallary rays but its been quarter sawn and you have these most beautiful ripples.

The next one I’m going to talk about is European walnut it is the most beautiful, beautiful timber quite architectural in its grain configuration and what beautiful, beautiful colour. It comes from the corsicas in Europe very, very slow growing and the trees tend to be very squat and very bent and that’s why you get this lovely, lovely grain configuration.

The next couple of floors I’m going to talk to you about are very important for two reasons: the first one is that they are actually engineered and these have got a 6mm wear layer of oak on the top of 14mm of birch ply, the most important thing is that they are actually totally FCS accredited – not only the wood but the ply as well.

This is oak and its been fumed. Oak is a very good timber because you can do so many things to it. This has been lightly fumed which changes the colour, if you sand it, it will still remain the same colour and it’s been lacquered ideal flooring for under floor heating.

The next one again is an FSC product again it’s a two ply 6mm of oak on 14mm of birch ply, the beauty of having an engineered floor is that you can go really wide without too many problems about movement and things. Again a very beautiful timber to lock your carbon footprint up in your floor.

The next two boards I’m going to show you are personal favourites of mine, which is why I’ve got them here. The first one is one that we call evolution oak, oak is just such a versatile product that you can stain it, you can fume it, you can double fume it – all of which changes the colour of it. This one happens to be steamed and it gives it this most beautiful rich colour sometimes almost bordering on purple – absolutely wonderful board. The next one is actually an English oak. This is English burr oak – it is quite a rare product in England these days and it is grown with these beautiful, beautiful pips and burrs and cats paws on it, as it is English oak it’s very short and squat and very twisted which means again you can see this most lovely, lovely grain configuration and differences in colour.

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