Which Natural Carpet Should I Choose? Quiz

Natural carpets look wonderful but there are now so many to choose from. Have a go at this quiz to help you make your mind up about the best one for your home.

1. Which space are you considering carpeting?

A – We are considering carpeting a living area. This might be a sitting room or dining room, or perhaps an open plan space that is flexible but is well used throughout the day.

B – The carpet is for a bedroom. This might be for an adult or an older child.

C – We are thinking about a natural carpet for our hall or landing.

2. What is your interior design like?

A – It is very modern. We have gone for a contemporary look that is minimal. We do not have many pieces of furniture and our room is very light. We have opted for blinds on windows.

B – Our house has a very relaxed interior style. We have friendly, comfortable pieces of furniture and warm, inviting colours. At the windows we have curtains in good, heavy textures.

C – We have gone for a straight-forward, no nonsense style. Some of the pieces in our home are traditional but our interior design is certainly not fussy.

3. What are the colour schemes in your home like?

A – We have gone for carefully matched neutral shades with the odd block of strong colour. Our scheme has a very clean, modern look to it. The strong colours we have chosen are clear and defined.

B – Each room has a different colour scheme. These tend to be soft, inviting shades. Some of them are pastel. None of them are bold. We have used wallpaper in some places.

C – There is no real ‘colour scheme’ as such in our home. We have largely painted walls in a simple magnolia.

4. Who lives in the house?

A – A single person or young couple in their 20s or 30s. There are no children and no older people living here.

B – There are young children, including babies or toddlers in the house. Older adults might live here too, or visit frequently.

C – This is a house with older children and adults living in it.

Which Natural Carpet Should you Chose?

Mostly A – How about trying a jute in a beautiful sandy shade? This will really set off a modern living area and will bring texture into what might otherwise be a slightly cold environment.

Jute has a fine texture and can work well in a home where there is not heavy wear and tear.

Mostly B – Why not opt for a lovely pure wool carpet? This can bring a natural look to a room but adds a touch of luxury and warmth too. It is durable and is warm underfoot. It lends an air of cosiness to a space.

You will find a good range of natural colours, from light sandy shades through to rich chocolates, allowing it to team up well with almost any colour scheme.

Mostly C – You could look at seagrass or coir. These are both hard wearing and durable. Seagrass comes in a variety of natural shades and you could pick one with a slightly greeny hue if you want to bring a little colour to a bland area.

The heavy texture of coir will serve the same purpose, to add something extra to an otherwise uninteresting space. If you are carpeting a hall or landing try a lighter shade.

Note – If you are thinking of Carpeting Stairs remember to check the product is suitable.

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