Reclaimed Elm Flooring

If you are looking for a floor with true character that will bring a real warmth to your home then consider a reclaimed elm floor. New elm is, of course, not always easy to get hold of.

Dutch Elm Disease has decimated stocks of the attractive wood. It is still available but opting for reclaimed boards instead could be deemed a more Environmentally Friendly Option and will, of course, bring a different dimension to your home.

Reclaimed Elm in Rich Colours

There’s something truly inviting about elm wood, with the rich colour and strong grain looking fabulous in almost any space.

Reclaimed elm boards vary in colour from rich reds to creamy pinks. It often has knots and burrs in it too, which again add to the character.

Reclaimed elm will also often be found in boards of fairly irregular widths but, again, this will simply enhance the character of your room.

If the rest of your space includes period features, the elm will serve to set these off. If your tastes are more modern, then the reclaimed elm will contrast with your contemporary style, providing a unique reddish warmth that will take the edge of the sharp modern elements.

The beautiful grain in the old elm also adds to this effect.

Back to its Former Glory

Choosing to design your home interior using reclaimed wood of any type is always a green option. You are rescuing an important and beautiful natural material that would otherwise end up in a skip and then possibly landfill.

Once you have sourced your reclaimed elm it can be given a facelift that will restore it to its former glory. The boards will probably need very little attention to bring them back up to a standard you are happy with.

If you are able to find wood that is in good condition, i.e. not too split or damaged, a light sanding and then perhaps filling the knots is all that is required. You can then simply Finish the Boards with the product of your choice.

Elm responds well to oil, in particular, which works fabulously to bring out the strong lines and unusual shapes of its grain. You will need to re-oil from time to time, and every time you do so you will accentuate the grain further and build up yet another layer of protection for the wood.

Finding Reclaimed Elm

Elm floorboards that have been saved could well have come from a period home or perhaps a larger building such as a warehouse or barn. If you are keen to track down some reclaimed elm, the best places to look are salvage or builders’ yards.

Some wood dealers will also stock them and of course flooring specialists who deal in reclaimed wood.

It might also be worth looking on the Internet to see if anyone is offering a job lot of reclaimed elm boards on line.

Stunning Interior Style

Pieces of reclaimed elm can sometimes be found in large, heavy enough pieces to use elsewhere in the house. An eye-catching, unique kitchen work surface or dining table could be created from the antique wood.

Set these against your reclaimed elm floor and they will look simply stunning.

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