Video: Types of Wood Floor

In this short video Sally Warburton, a director of leading wood floor business, Ted Todd & sons discusses the key types of wood floor available.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Sally Warburton from Ted Todd and Sons and on behalf of Floor I’m going to show you the basics of Timber flooring.

The first thing I’m going to talk about is solid wood, as its name suggests it’s been cut down from a solid piece of wood and then machined usually to tongue and groove on the long sides and to help ease of fitting on the ends as well.

Structural boards are normally 20-25 mm thick. Where height is a problem, you might want to go for an overlay. This particular overlay is a 14mm board, it is tongue and grooved on four sides, but it always need to be stuck down rather than secret nailed, but that I will talk about later on.

Some people want a very fancy parquetry type floor and for that we have a 10mm board, that’s squared all the way round the edge and this type of flooring is always pinned.

Engineered floors, and you should never confuse those with laminates, which are pictures of timber stuck on MDF or plastic with an engineered floorboard. Engineered floors are made of solid timber, there’s a veneer over a various substrate such as ply or oak. This type is a “click system” , it has, as its name suggests T & G’s that are clicked and it just clicks together very, very easily and is very quick fitting. We also do a solid 6 mm Oak Veneer on 14 mm of Birch Ply.

Engineered floors are all machined for dimensional stability so it makes this type of floor the “must have” if you have under floor heating, and there’s also a type of engineered floor that actually is Solid Oak all the way through so the top veneer is Oak, the tongue and grooves are made of quarter sawn Oak and the underside is finger jointed Oak. We also do a small reasonably priced 14 mm 4 mm wear layer of engineered Oak on ply.

Engineered boards just like solid boards come from all species of timber, you can have Walnut, Oak, Cherry, anything you can think of.

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